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Three killed in Elwak after vehicle sprayed with bullets

Saturday August 18, 2018

Three people were on Friday injured after their vehicle was sprayed with bullets by unknown militants between Elwak and Wargadud.

A survivor said they were coming from Elwak and headed to Mandera town.

“We left Elwak town in a Land Rover. But just as we were approaching Wargadud, we heard gunshots from all corners. We all had to lie down as the driver sped off. The gunshots went on for close to five minutes.”

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The survivor did not wish to have his name published.

The vehicle had six occupants. The three who were seriously injured were taken to Wargadud health centre before being transferred to Mandera Referral Hospital. Doctors said despite the three losing a lot of blood they are in stable condition.

There has been rising tension in Lakole village, Wargadud ward, the centre of a community land dispute between the Gurreh and Murulle communities.
It is unclear whether the attack was a result of the land dispute or an act of terrorism. Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik did not wish to share more information.

He promised to call back later but had not done so by press time. Last week, three workers constructing the security border wall were killed when their vehicle ran over a land mine.

Security in Mandera is fragile due to its proximity to war-torn Somalia, with al Shabaab militants carrying out attacks before fleeing back to their country.

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