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Somalia to begin registering foriegn nationals

Hiiraan Online
Friday August 17, 2018

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The Somali government has announced on Friday that it plans to conduct a register all foreign nationals in the country.

The decision was made at yesterday's Council of Ministers' weekly meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. Officials from the Immigration department were in attendance of the meeting and briefed the council on the issue.

Abdullahi Hamud Mohamed spoke on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister to the press stated that Somalia's foreigner registration is a mandatory requirement for all foreign nationals visiting Somalia. registration exercise foreigners in the country. Overseas citizens of Somalia would presumably be exempt from registering as a foreigner.

He said that the exercise will help the government obtain comprehensive data of foreigners in the country.

A committee led by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled was tasked with steering the registration process.

There has been a visible increase in the number of foreign nationals travelling to Somalia in recent years and many say the trend is due to the stabilization process in Somalia.


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