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Bribery to blame for terror attacks in Mandera – MP

Friday August 17, 2018

Mandera South MP Adan Kullow visits victims of an IED attack, August 15, 2018. /

Mandera South MP Adan Kullow has claimed that security personnel on the Kenya-Somalia border accept bribes to allow terrorists into the country.

“There’s laxity along the Kenya-Somalia border. Security officers take bribes, hence, have been compromised,” he said yesterday.

Kullow further alleged bribery had delayed the Kenya-Somalia border wall, contributing to terror attacks and radicalisation through teachings in mosques.

Al Shabaab terrorists have recently targeted cars through IEDs buried in roads and destroyed communication masts.

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Two people died on Tuesday, while two others were critically injured after their vehicle ran over an IED in Mandera. Al Shabaab was suspected.

Delayed Response

Speaking after visiting families of victims in the Tuesday attack, Kullow expressed dismay with security in the subcounty bordering Somalia.

Kullow said KDF officers took more than 12 hours to respond.

“The security apparatus around here is enough, but they [personnel] are not doing enough and should team up to assist when disasters happen,” he said.


Speaking in Mandera’s Elwak town, acting deputy county commissioner Paul Kemei urged residents to alert agents of danger so his team can swiftly track and stop terrorists.

Mandera South subcounty is on the border where the government is constructing a double wall with high-tech monitoring and security patrols.

Despite decrease in attacks, the county still experiences terror raids. The county is under a 6pm to 6am curfew that came into force last year.

In 2013, the government deployed the military to Mandera to disarm both local and foreign militia who have been terrorising residents.

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