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Linda Boni boss accuses Lamu locals of leaking intel to al Shabaab

Thursday August 16, 2018

Kanyiri blamed the August 8 attack that left six KDF soldiers dead on the local al Shabaab network.

Five other soldiers suffered severe injuries when the soldiers' vehicle hit an IED at Kwa Omollo Bridge along the Bodhei-Bargoni road.

"We feel every movement of security agencies here is reported to the militants by their loyalists and sympathisers. They must have reported the movement of the soldiers," he said.

Kanyiri said most residents are uncooperative. They refuse to share information on terrorists.

He rebuked the "see no evil report no evil" culture.

"The enemy hibernates among them. There are also spies, reconnaissance parties, sympathisers, financiers and thriving resupply networks.We believe some residents are aware of the IEDs being planted, but they remain silent and let people die," Kanyiri said.

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He said his office is scrutinising some of the returnees who may be on devious terror missions in the country.

"Some could be posing as returnees, but could only be here to plan attacks. The manner in which militants are operating points to the involvement of locals. Someone can't come from Somalia and know their way around villages. They are definitely getting help," Kanyiri said.

He appealed to residents to assist security officials and promised that the information the give will be confidential.

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