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Compromised police to blame for al Shabaab attacks, says Mandera MP

Thursday August 16, 2018

Mandera South MP Adan Kullow has accused police officers of taking bribes and permitting terrorists to carry out attacks in Kenya.

Al Shabaab terrorists have staged many attacks in Mandera and other counties where they target both police and civilians.

They use explosives, that are planted in roads, and guns with which they kill or injure their victims. They also destroy communications masts.

Kullow alleged on Wednesday that security personnel along the Kenya-Somalia border are compromised and that this has also resulted in radicalisation through teachings at mosques.

Regarding an attack early this week, that left three dead and two others critically injured, Kullow said KDF soldiers took more than 12 hours to respond. In that incident, a vehicle ran over a landmine believed to have been planted by al Shabaab militants.

“There’s laxity along the Kenya-Somalia border. Security officers take bribes ... they have been compromised," the MP told reporters after visiting the victims. He did not give evidence.

“Security apparatus around here are enough but officers are not doing enough. They should team up [and assist each other] when such disasters happen," he added.
Earlier on Wednesday, Linda Boni Operation director Joseph Kanyiri accused residents of terror hotspots in Lamu, Tana River and Garissa of "hiding" terrorists.

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Kanyiri said the locals alert al Shabaab militants on the movement of security officers whereas others hide terrorists when officers embark on searches.

He cited recent terror attacks in the region, and blamed them on information leaked to the militants.
Speaking in Mandera’s Elwak town, acting deputy county commissioner Paul Kemei asked residents to alert security agents about any kind of danger.

He noted this will enable police to prevent attacks and arrest criminals before offences are committed.

Mandera South sub-county sits on the part of the border where the government is constructing a wall to separate the two countries.

In 2013, the government deployed the military to Mandera to disarm people who armed themselves, fearing police would not end the insecurity menace.

The county is under a 6 am to 6 pm curfew that came to force last year.

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