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AMISOM Orders Compulsory Joint Operations in Somalia

Tuesday August 14, 2018

Mogadishu, 12 Aug (PL) The commander of the African Union Mission in Somalia in Somalia (AMISOM), General Jim Owoyesigire, has ordered his troops to conduct permanent joint operations with the national army (SNA) against the Al Shabab group.

According to the online portal, in a command statement the chief instructed the contingent forces to intensify the training and mentoring of their SNA counterparts through'joint planning, coordination and implementation of operations in line with the transition plan proposed to AMISOM'.

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Owoyesigire spoke to a section of the Mission's troops on Saturday in Jowhar, the administrative capital of the Middle Shabelle region of Somalia.

The head of AMISOM made a security assessment of all major areas of troop operations to discuss comprehensive strategic plans for state and government reconstruction in Somalia.

Another urgent task he gave the troops is to secure the Mogadishu-Johwar supply route.

The AMISOM commander stated the joint security operation with the Somali National Army will improve peace and firmness and equip the Somali forces with the skills required to achieve the sustainable stability they need.

According to the version of hiiraan online, based on AMISON statements, the general'further urged the troops to strengthen relations with the local community through cooperation with the regional administration and the implementation of quick-impact projects to address relevant social infrastructure challenges'.

The AMISOM mandate, extended in July by the UN Security Council, underlines a gradual and conditional withdrawal of the contingent by 2020.

The media estimate that there are more than 21,000 African Union soldiers in Somalia.

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