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Government says killers of young entrepreneur Mohamed Sheikh have been gunned down

Hiiraan Online
Monday August 6, 2018

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia's Information Ministry said that security forces have killed 2 suspects involved in the high-profile slaying of Mohamed Sheikh after a gunfight in the capital on Monday.

Minister Dahir Mohamud Gelle, stated the security forces shot dead the suspected assailants who are also believed to be connected to separate drive-by shooting incidents in Mogadishu.

Minister Gelle said they have enough evidence to confirm that the slain suspects were indeed the perpetrators of Mohamed's murder,  and added the police seized the vehicle they were driving and recovered weapons.

Two occupants of the vehicle were killed and the driver escaped unharmed and was taken into custody.

A government soldier was also shot dead in the exchange of gunfire.

The minister seized the moment to condemn an incident in Mogadishu where a member of the police force was killed inside a mosque by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.

The development comes amidst growing criticism from the public over the rise in the number of assassinations in Mogadishu in recent weeks.

Protesters yesterday took to the streets to condemn the killing of Mohamed Sheikh and demanded justice on his behalf.


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