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African Union Pledges to Guarantee Peace and Stability in Somalia

Wednesday August 1, 2018

The African Union (AU) announced Tuesday its mission in Somalia will continue working to ensure the security and stability of the country, consistent with the UN''s decision to remain there until 2019.

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution stipulating the non withdrawal of the team by May 31, 2009.

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Regulation 2431, with the unanimous approval of the 15 members of the Council, also decides to reduce the level of uniforms for the mission, known as Amisom, to 20,626 and to include a minimum of 1, 040 law enforcement officers.

According to an AU statement, ‘the measure allows for a delay in Amisom's transition precisely to provide enough time and space for Somalis to put their nation into order on the basis of peace and stability'.

This will also allow the mission to prepare adequately for the transfer of responsibilities, the statement detailed.


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