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Legendary Somali vocalist Sahra Ahmed Jama passes away in Hargeisa

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday April 4, 2018

Mogadishu (HOL) - Legendary Somali singer Sahra Ahmed Jama has passed away in Hargeisa after a bout with an undisclosed illness, according to her family and the Somali government.

Her family told media that the legendary singer was hospitalized in the days leading to her death. She was 62 years old.

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Somali's will remember Sahra as the voice behind such memorable songs such as "Sir maqabe", "Manaxow", and "Hogo Tusaale"

Sahra Ahmed Jama began her illustrious career as a singer in 1969 at just 13 years of age and quickly rose to become one of the most prominent singers in Somalia's golden age of music.

She toured the world alongside other legendary singers such as Maryam Mursal and Ahmed Naji Sa'aad, as a leading member in Waaberi - a Somali musical supergroup that was established by the Somali government as part of the National Theatre of Somalia.

Since her retirement from music, Sahra lived a relatively quiet life in Hargeisa where she resided up until her death.

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