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Somaliland opposition party abandons election race, accuses NEC

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday November 21, 2017

HARGAISA,(HOL)-Somaliland's main opposition party said on Monday that it will disassociate itself from the poll results expected to be declared in forthcoming hours by Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC).

The leaders of Wadani party have raised fresh claims over vote counting barely two days after NEC and the party solved their hatchet on fake ballot papers.

Wadani presidential candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Irro has confirmed the withdrawal of the party's poll agents from the tallying centre.

"The commission did not solve our concerns, the problem with the counting of votes still exist. We have no other alternative but to dismiss the outcome," Irro said.

He further pointed out that they will discuss with their supporters about the way forward.

"If the commission fails to implement what we agreed upon, then we shall go back to our supporters to plan the next legal step," he noted.

Wadani officials blamed the commission for deliberately delaying the election results.

 "It is more a week since Somaliland people headed the ballot box and no results a bounced yet," said the party
The poll agency did not comment on the allegations and the latest move by Wadani officials.

Following violent demonstrations in Burao and Hargeisa towns, the commission and the party on Saturday agreed to iron out their differences on fake ballot papers allegation after lengthy deliberations.

Since last week, over seven people were killed and several others wounded in clashes between the law enforcement agencies and irate youths.

According to sources, NEC officials are expected to declare the election results in the forthcoming hours.



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