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Attorney General accuses two MPs for treason

Hiiraan Online
Sunday December 17, 2017

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia's Attorney General, Ahmed Ali Dahir has called on Somali parliament to strip impunity from  two lawmakers as to prosecute them for treasonable offenses

Dahiye accused the MPs who are identified as Abdinasir Shuriye and Hassan Moalim Mohamed of conspiring to bring down the government.

"Today we have submitted a written document to the speaker of the House of People (Mohamed Osman Jawari) containing clear proves and detailed investigations on two MPs and their subsequent removal of their immunities to face the law," said Dahiye, adding " They are accused of mobilizing illegal activities among them to destroy the Somali nation.”

He noted that his office decided to arrest the two and to arraign in court

“We want to make clear the existence of lawmakers who were recently involved in activities to bring down the government using funds they got from foreign countries. It is imperative to take lawful steps against them,” he said.

The parliament has yet to comment on the development.

"From the President, all the way down to the lower level civil servants are all the same in the eyes of the law." Dahir said in a televised statement, "I want to reiterate that we will not accept ignorance of the law as an excuse, we have a responsibility as citizens and lawmakers to know the law once they are in effect."

If the parliament gives green lights Mr.Dahir's request, Shuriye and Moalim will be the first legislators hold accountable.


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