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Somalis Cheer First Night Landing Of Plane At Mogadishu Airport In 27 Years

Tuesday September 26, 2017

MOGADISHU -- Somalis expressed joy at the first landing of a plane at Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle Airport at night in 27 years.

This feat follows early September’s history made after the first football game was played under floodlight in three decades.

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The Juba Airways flight from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia carrying Somali pilgrims landed Saturday night marking the official opening of the airport for passenger flights at night since the civil war broke out in 1991.

The government announced that it had opened the airport for night flights in July. The Somali civil aviation officials told local media that the runway has been reconstructed and security has been improved.

Before the plane carrying 193 passengers and 7 crew landed, Somalia’s national security agency performed security checks around the airport and beefed up their presence.

Somalis returning home usually make transits in Nairobi, Istanbul or Addis Ababa to catch a day flight.

Below are some reactions from Somalis online: . Historically last night flight from #Mogadishu to #Frankfurt was 23.12.1990 & tonight 23.9.2017 first night.

Wonderful news coming from Aden Adde Airport.first plane to land 4 night for over 26years.Tangible result.

#Somalia: #Mogadishu's Aden Ade International airport can work at night, this is the photos of last night's [email protected]_patni @Marawayne pic.twitter.com/ygrfuWC0QF .

After 27 years first flight night carrying passengers landed at Aden Ade international airport #Somalia. signs of development we hope more.

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