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Qatar Charity Provides Relief In Areas Affected By Chronic Drought In Somalia

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Qatar Charity has provided relief to those affected by the chronic drought in Somalia as part of its ongoing humanitarian efforts in the country with the support of Qatari philanthropists, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

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In a press release, the charity said it had provided through its office in Somalia a new food aid package to displaced people in Medg province located in the central part of Somalia, benefiting 525 pastoral families and covering their needs for one month.

In a speech during the distribution of aid, Director of Qatar Charity\'s office in Somalia Abdulnoor Haj Ali stressed the charity\'s commitment to providing the necessary assistance and support to those affected by the chronic drought in Somalia and carrying out emergency relief projects for them for several years.

He added that the implemented emergency relief project distributed basic food items for 525 pastoral families in different provinces.

The Director of the Qatar Charity\'s office in Somalia said that each family received a full ration of food needed for seven people for one month, and that the basic food rations include rice, sugar, flour, oil, dates and milk powder.

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