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Radicalized Kenyans desperate to quit Al Shabaab, fear execution

Wednesday September 6, 2017
By Kimeli arap Kemei

A leaked classified document from security agencies reveals Kenyans fighting in the Al Shabaab militia in Somalia are now living in fear after major fallout within the terrorist group.

The leaked document reveals that a Kenyan Al Shabaab leader Ahamed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira, together with at least fivr other senior Kenyan Al Shabaab fighters are planning to defect from the militant group in fear of being beheaded.

“They are contemplating defection from the group after being disgruntled and fearing execution,” reveals the twenty-one page dossier.

Some of Iman’s followers who are planning to accompany him in his defection include: Juma Ayub Otit Were aka KB, Erick Achayo Ogada aka Nabhan, Ramadhan Kioko aka Pinji aka Abu Nuseiba, Suleiman Irungu Mwangi aka Karongo aka Maalim Zakariya aka Idriss and Mohamed Tajir Ali aka Wahome.

The five have been on Kenya’s police watchlist and have a Sh2m bounty on each on their heads.

“Iman’s defection has been compounded by the execution and mistreatment of his Kenyan followers in Somalia,” the report added. Some of Iman’s close supporters executed by Al-shabaab on allegations of being KDF spies include Athman Mwai.

Others have been imprisoned for years because of the same suspicion. They include Ramdhan Shuaib aka Giggs and Ramadhan Abdallah aka Maalim Burhan aka Manman.

Iman recruited them while in Majengo slums in Nairobi in 2009 and facilitated their travel to Somalia.

According to the document, Iman had hatched a plan to establish his own local jihadi group within Boni forest in Kenya riding on Al-shabaab’s resources.

The group was later to detach from the mainstream terrorist organization and form a splinter group that would operate independently under Iman’s command.

Their objective was to penetrate the country and spread its influence, particularly in North Eastern and Coastal parts of Kenya.

“Since Al-shabaab leadership would not trust a foreigner to lead such a major unit, Al-shabaab leadership under Ahmed Abdi Godane nominated a Somali, Mohamed Ayman, to lead the Jihadi group which was then christened Jaysh Ayman.”

Iman felt betrayed and sent an advance team of his close cronies identified as Rashid Mohamed Bwajuma and Mohamed Khalid aka Cortez to Kenya to lay ground for his defection.

The report adds that Iman tasked his close associate Muhamed Mutevi aka Musa Bamee to coordinate with the Kenyan government over his planned surrender.

The report further says Iman issued two conditions for his surrender: that his family members will not be prosecuted and that he will not be handed over to the Somali government or other countries that may want to try him.

“He also promised to cooperate with the Kenyan government in fighting against Al Shabaab terrorists,” the dossier added.

When reached for comment, Kenyan security agencies declined to comment on the leaked document.

Al-shabaab is currently facing mass exodus as fighters scramble to take up the amnesty offer by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo’ Mohammed and also given that heavy offensive against them by the AMISOM troops, US Special Forces and the Somali National Army.

Some of the senior leaders who have surrendered include former deputy Al Shabaab leader Mukhtar Robow, former leading leader in the militant group’s intelligence wing Zakariya Ahmed Ismael Hersi, Elgadud Jbha leader Mohamed Yussuf Deel, former commander controlling Gedo region Adam aka Abu Mujahid, former Puntland militia leader and Al-shabaab commander Mohammed Said Atom.


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