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Red Cross move to teach people on plastics ban

Monday September 4, 2017

The Kenya Red Cross Society is educating residents of Tana River and Garissa on the recent ban on the use of plastic bags.

Nema has said anyone found carrying or using plastic bags will be fined between Sh2 million and Sh4 million or spend two years in jail, or both.

According to Tana River volunteers team leader Idriss Guyo, the drive is meant to engage registered youth groups in cleaning shopping centres of plastic bags, as one way of educating the public on the ban.

The plastic bags ban took effect on August 28.

“This is a demonstration campaign by the Kenya Red Cross volunteers to create awareness on the ban. Those in the know will educate their folks on the new directive and its implications,” Guyo said.

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He said Kenyans who have no access to radios, TV or social media platforms are likely to suffer, because they are not aware of the ban.

“I urge the government to use chiefs, assistant chiefs and headmen to educate the public on the ban,” Guyo said.
He said the campaign will move to Mororo and other centres.

“You realise that our people, especially those from the remote areas, are still carrying plastic bags, unaware of the huge penalties if they are caught,” Guyo said.

The about 30 youths collected plastic bags and bottles that have blocked the drainage system.

Youth leader Shukri Ibrahim thanked the Kenya Red Cross for the initiative and urged the Tana River county government, NGOs and well-wishers to help the youth and women to register their groups.

“Many Kenyans, especially those in the rural setups, are not aware of the ban and may land in problems with the law. There must be a sustained campaign to educate the public before the law is fully effected,” Shukri said.

He urged the government to give the businesspeople time to clear stocks of plastic bags in their possession.

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