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US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria

Tuesday June 20, 2017

A US fighter jet shot down an Iranian-made drone believed to be armed and within firing range of American troops in southeastern Syria on Monday, CNN reported.

An official said it was taken out because it was “assessed to be a threat,” the cable news network reported on Tuesday.

A US F-15 jet downed the drone near al-Tanf, an outpost close to the Syria border with Iraq where American special operation forces are training Syrian rebels, Fox News reported.

The Iranian-made Shahed 129 drone was similar to another one downed earlier this month after it dropped a “dud” near a US-led coalition and local forces.

The incident comes a day after a US Navy fighter jet on Sunday shot down a Syrian warplane that had dropped bombs on fighters aligned with the US in its efforts to defeat Islamic State terrorists in Syria.

​Russia condemned the attack as “military aggression” and said it would begin to target coalition aircraft in Syria, leading Australia on Tuesday to suspend its air operations.


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