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Record statement on incitement video, Duale tells Farah

Thursday January 19, 2017

Former Parliament Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim should record a statement with the police about incitement involving a video clip linked to him, Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has said.

In a video uploaded on YouTube on Friday last week, Maalim is shown warning members of his community in his local dialect that if they are not careful, non-locals will take over their land. The clip has gone viral.

“When you tour Northeastern region, all the labourers doing construction work are immigrants like Kambas, Luos and Abaluhya. Thirty years from now they will be rightful residents with indigenous rights more than the local population,” Maalim is heard telling the crowd.
He is yet to respond to the clip.

Duale told the Star that Maalim is yet to record a statement with the police.

Duale himself is accused of incitement in an audio clip he says was fabricated. But he did record a statement when social media was awash with an audio clip in which he or someone like him is heard to urge Somali youths to attack the Kamba and not let them vote in Garissa.


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