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Somali Auditor General blasts UAE for "illegal" base deal

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday February 15, 2017

A meeting between Somaliland and UAE officials in Hargeisa on October 25, 2015. FILE PHOTO

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia’s Auditor General Nur Farah Jimale blasted the UAE government’s decision to ink a military deal with the Somaliland government without Somalia’s consultation. Speaking to reporters in Mogadishu yesterday, Mr. Jimale said that the UAE “disrespected Somalia’s sovereignty” by completely by-passing Villa Somalia.

“The UAE should reconsider the deal and should also stop trying to divide Somalia”, said the auditor general. “It’s a surprise that the government, who is our friend, is now stirring violence in Somalia, this is not what we expected from the UAE."

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Mr. Jimale also claims that officials in both Somalia and Somaliland received bribes in exchange for authorizing the military base in Berbera.

He told VOA’s Somali Service that officials from outgoing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s administration of quarterbacking the deal for what he called “illegitimate private gains”.

In Hargeisa, Somaliland staunchly denied the bribery and corruption claims saying they were “baseless”. However, opposition parties in the breakaway region have termed the deal unconstitutional.

Mr. Jimale remains steadfast in his call for UAE to back out of the deal and to respect Somalia’s sovereignty

“UAE has already violated our national sovereignty and airspace because of its plans to come to Somaliland without paying air space tax and without the permission of Somalia's legitimate government,” Jimale said. “We ask UAE to respect the international code of conduct.”


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