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Facebook page linked to Coast station attack

Monday, September 19, 2016

Armed policemen speak to a motorist near the central police station after an attack, in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya, September 11, 2016/Photo/REUTERS

Investigators into the recent attack at the Central police station in Mombasa have identified a Facebook page that could have radicalised the three women suspects.

Tasnim Yakub, Maimuna Abdirahman and Ramla Abdirahman were killed during the foiled attack on September 11. Police believe the Facebook page - Sisters of Jannah – radicalised the three and some of the other 3,000, who have liked the page.

Police say radical posts from the page, which are always pulled down after some time, have lured many unsuspecting young girls in secondary schools and colleges.

Leading agents on the Central Police Station attack case, believe that British fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, alias the White Widow, might be the mastermind behind the posts.

Insiders in the operation, who could not be quoted due to the sensitivity of the matter or because they are not official spokesmen, suspect Tasnim convinced the other two girls to like the page in a wider radicalisation scheme.

Investigating officers on the case told the Star Tasnim, Hussein and Maimuna raised funds and visited Aboud Rogo’s widow, Ghaniya Said Sagar, at her resident in Kanamai, Kilifi county, early this year.

A second source privy to the investigations told the Star that Tasnim introduced the other two to Sagar and promised allegiance to her. “Even if the state has forgotten about the White Widow, she might be having a hand in this. Some of the letters, which the three wrote on March 22, are somehow corresponding with what the White Widow wrote and was recovered at a hideout in Nyali 2011,” an officer said.

The Star has learnt that the authenticity of the letter believed to have been written by Tasnim on behalf of the two could not be easily verified, because the suspect is dead. The March 22 letter reads, “We shall fight you and all the other disbelievers until, Bi idhn’llah, the whole World is ruled by the Shariah of our Rabb.”


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