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Doubts Over Identity of Youth Who Allegedly Murdered Swedish Asylum Worker

Saturday January 30, 2016
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

The Somali youth accused of stabbing to death 22 year old Swedish social worker Alexandra Mezher (pictured) in an asylum centre in Molndal, Sweden has appeared in court.  Sweden has seen a massive rise in violent crime since the influx of migrants, a police source said, including a spate of fatal shootings last summer.

Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur appeared in court in Gothenburg yesterday to confirm his identity and for a bail ruling. At 6 feet tall he towered over his translator as he walked into court wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and a blanket over his head.

He stands accused of murdering Miss Mezher by stabbing her at the asylum centre for migrant youths where she worked, and he was a resident.

There is some dispute over Nuur’s identity as he claims to be 15 years old. However, a source close to the investigation has told MailOnline “Youssaf Khaliif Nuur is older than 15. You can see he has moustache and a beard. He shaves but you can see he has facial hair. He is between 16 and 20 I believe.”

Sweden fast-tracks asylum claims for children, prompting some adult migrants to lie about their age and pass themselves off as teenagers.

In a statement given outside the court, Prosecutor Linda Viking said: “The suspect has said he is 15 so that is what is charged as. But we are checking his date or birth and name to make sure they are accurate.”

In court Judge Henrik Andersson asked him: “Are you Youssaf Khaliif Nuur?” He nodded in reply and said “yes.”

Breitbart London was one of the first English language sites to report Miss Mezher’s murder, which took place on Monday morning.

Miss Mezher was the only member of staff on duty at the time overseeing a group of ten male youths. Although the centre is supposed to cater for children from 14 to 17 years old Miss Mezher had previously told her mother that she was caring for “big powerful guys” up to the age of 24.

At around 8am a fight broke out between Mr Nuur and another resident. It appears that Miss Mezher was stabbed in the thigh and back while trying to break it up. She was taken to hospital and later died of her wounds.

“The murder started with an attack on another man,” the source at Gothenburg Police said.

“There was an argument between the suspect and another resident at the hostel. I don’t know the reason for the argument between the two residents. But in some way this woman got between them. She was trying to break up the fight.

“This lady tried to separate them and told him [Nuur] to stop but he [allegedly] stabbed her.”

Dismissing the notion that the stabbing had a sexual element, the source said that Mr Nuur had been unwell during the night and may have been experiencing a psychotic episode. He was heard pacing around his bedroom for much of the night and may have been hearing voices.

mobileinsidee300“The suspect had been up all night. He had said he was not feeling well the night before … [he] may have had some kind of breakdown. He may have suffered some trauma previously in his life.”

The police source added: “If the management of the centre knew that one of the residents was not [mentally] well [they] should have got in extra staff to help her that night.”

Yesterday Nuur’s lawyer Niklas Unger appealed for bail to be set, telling Judge Henrik Andersson that his client objected to remaining in custody. Prosecutor Linda Viking objected, arguing that he might abscond or interfere with evidence if bailed.

Asked if he wanted to make a statement regarding the charges of murder and attempted murder, Mr Unger intervened, saying: “My client does not want to express himself in any way regarding the charges.”

The hearing then continued behind closed doors, and the suspect remanded into custody until February 11.

According to the Gothenburg police source who commented on the case, there has been an “explosion in crime” in the city since Sweden “threw open the doors” to immigrants.

The source, who has 30 years of experience within Gothenburg Police, added: “We have experienced an explosion in crime, particularly violent crime, since our politicians threw open the doors to immigrants from all over the world. I have worked in Gothenburg for over 30 years and I have never known anything like it.

“The city always had a bit of trouble, but it was usually among people who were drunk and knew each other.

“But now I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm and especially not at night. There are violent gangs roaming around the streets and the use of knives and other weapons have become normal, rather than a rarity as it used to be.

“There are 20 robberies in Gothenburg every day – usually with violence or the threat of violence. This week an 83-year-old lady had a gun put in her face when she was mugged on her way to play bingo. They got away with just 50 Kroner [about £4].

“In the summer there were mass shootings with lots of people killed, including a little girl.”

The city’s streets were now at the mercy of gangs of young men, mainly North Africans, he added.

“In the past couple of months we have noticed a dramatic increase in street robbery. This is a new phenomenon.

“They will do anything to get money – steal a person’s wallet, iPhone, jewellery. And then they will attack their victim and kick them half to death.

“Drug crime has gone through the roof. Every drug is available on the street nowadays, even in broad daylight. And when the police arrest someone nowadays the suspect often fights back – with a knife or a screwdriver. This is not something we have seen before.”



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