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Somaliland arrests journalist after interviewing alleged cannibal

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

HARGEISA (HOL) – Security forces in the northern Somalia breakaway region of Somaliland have arrested a journalist following an interview with a man allegedly arrested for cannibalism last week.

Abdimalik Muse Oldon, an online freelance journalist was arrested in the remote Togdher region Monday as soldiers ransacked his office and confiscated his media equipment. Troops also arrested his cameraman.

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Ahmed Mohamud, the region’s police chief told HOL that the journalist was being questioned for conducting the interview which he said violated the established protocols.

“Investigations are underway to establish whether he breached police protocols or not.” He said.

Mr. Mohamud also said that security forces arrested the reporter after a court in the region issued an arrest warrant against him.

During his interview with the ethnic Oromo man who was arrested by police after residents discovered the severed head of a child in the region last week, Mr. Oldon asked the man questions that ranged from the motives of his arrest and his  involvement in the alleged cannibalism case, the man has maintained his innocence, an action that might have angered security officials.

With no functioning media law to lend protection, journalists in Somaliland remain wary of state harassment.  Security have earlier arrested journalists and closed down media station station, drawing criticism by media watchdogs and rights groups.

Unlike journalists operating in the other parts of Somalia who have been targeted by all political sides, media workers in Somaliland, a peaceful enclave in northern Somalia are merely scared to report freely in the face of intimidation, arrests and harassment by security services,

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