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My niece once told me, she knows of a girl who is a poet, like me. I begged her to take me to her but instead she brought her to me, on a breezy day in Bosaso.

Sitting on the rooftop of my uncles old house, I grabbed my camera and recorded Sanna, the youngest Somali female poet.

She was shy, scared, and uncertain of herself and her talent. She holds the key of life, the wisdom of words, locked for many years in the dusty minds of past poets. She spat mere truth in a town filled with simpletons, as I listened with tears and sadness.

I asked "did you write this all on your own?" A question that commonly descends from admiration and awe.

She said "of course, I write a lot of poems all on my own!"

She was astounded by my reaction, as I was with her poetic skills.

Sanna is a seventeen year old girl, born in Galkaio but currently resides in Bosaso, Somalia.

Recorded and edited by Yasminah
Twitter @yuniqsoul
Facebook: /somalia1


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