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Senator Billow Kerrow faults Government over closure of quarries in Mandera

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mandera, Kenya: Mandera County Senator Billow Kerrow has faulted government’s decision to close down quarries in the region due to insecurity. Kerrow said the move contradicts the State’s oft-repeated assurance that it will ensure security of all Kenyans in the region that has witnessed numerous terror attacks. “I want to express my strong reservation against the decision by the government to close down the quarries in Mandera this morning.

 The decision by the County Commissioner in Mandera to shut down all the quarries ostensibly because of insecurity clearly flies in the face of the government's oft-repeated assurances that it will ensure the security of all Kenyans in the region”, said Kerrow is a statement sent to newsrooms on Wednesday.

 The senator argued that the quarries are within 10 sq km radius of Mandera town, which has the highest concentration of security officers, estimated at over 800 including KDF, GSU, RDU, regular and administration police. Kerrow said it is inconceivable that security officers are unable to provide security to the quarries yet it is a key economic and development activity in the county.

“Why do we have security officers in the town if they cannot protect the lives of Kenyans?”, Senator Kerrow posed. He added that although terrorists have in the past targeted quarry workers from outside the region, closing the quarries will adversely affect the livelihoods of many local workers from the region. The Mandera Senator said learning has been affected after teachers left the region over insecurity adding that the latest action by the government to close down quarries is bound to embolden the terrorists.


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