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Minneapolis moves to nurse substance abuse victims

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday November 4, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS (HOL) – Having seen the growing number of young men and women leaving the social life and slipping further away from family, friends, schools or work, as the result of of substance dependence, the Somali community have opened a treatment centre that has seen early success.

The South East Homes Inc is primarily focuses on substance abuse services.by helping the substance abuse victims to overcome addictions or withdrawals.

Through its work, the centre’s work has attracted the attention of the local authorities who paid visit to the centre this week to learn about its treatments of indivituals from East Africa.

The commissioner of Health and Human Services, Lucinda Jesson, Deputy Director Brian Zorbes, As well as Commissioner of MN Higher education, Larry Pogomiller have instituted a community listening session designed to hear the voice of the community in improving MN's service continuum for individuals with substance use disorders.

Abah Mohamed, the South East Homes Executive Director says homelessness, lack of resources, lack of sober support, stigmatization, family disconnections, social isolation and ostracism, legal problems, hopelessness and depression are the main factors contributing to the increase in numbers of drug dependence by many ML residents.

During their visit, officials have credited the centre with developing to provide significant services in response to all the challenges by undertaking a language and cultural awareness, a move health officials say could overcoming the challenges facing Somali/East African individuals struggling with addiction while living in an alien country.

Briefing the visiting officials, Ms. Mohamed has expressed hope in doing more to address the mental illness problems by using resources compatible with the East African culture to set off best practices in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

According to a 2013 Minnesota Student Survey, 41 percent of metropolitan area 11th grade males and 42 percent of 11th grade females reported drug abuse. Less than one-half (44.2 percent) of primary admissions to addiction treatment programs for all ages were for alcohol in the first half of 2013, compared with 46.5 percent of the total in 2012 and 49.2 percent in 2011.


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