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UN envoy dismisses current Somali leaders' term extension bid

Hiiraan Online
Thursday, March 19, 2015

MOGADISHU, Somalia (HOL) --- With a general election set to take place in Somalia in 2016, the United Nations envoy to Somalia has dismissed Somalia's incumbent leaders' alleged term extension bid after their term expires next year.

Speaking to the VOA Somali service Thursday, Nicholas Kay emphasized that the international community would not accept Somali leaders' term extension after August next year.

"There can be no term extension for Somali leaders after their term expires - and the international community won't accept that." Kay affirmed in the interview. Mr. Kay says he believes that the Somali government has achieved much for the past few years, a move he described as 'laudable'.

He noted tougher tasks need to be completed by the government including formations of regional administrations and a general referendum for the country's draft constitution. He also highlighted
security as a top priority for the government.

There were no comments from Somali government officials on Mr. Kay's comments.

The latest development divided public opinion, with some expressed their support for it while others censured the envoy for acting "above" his political status.

"Nicholas Kay is acting like a head teacher in a comprehensive secondary school in Camden, London," said an anonymous Somali observer on HOL's readers' comments section.

"The Somali people and their parliament decide whether they want to extend the term for the government or not. It is non of his business. The days of the colonial governors from Europe whose decisions were final are no longer here. Somalis rule their destiny. They know what they want."  added the anonymous Somali observer.

Adding that Mr. Kay should avoid operating outside his political status. "Yes the UN and Mr. Kay are here to advise and support financially. But they are not here to subjugate and impose their order on the Somali people -We can surely survive without any outside help or orders."

However, the envoy's remarks reinforce Somali leaders' previous assurances of no term extension after 2016 before the country's elections.


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