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Somali American Money Services association met Kenyan Ambassador to US

Hiiraan Online
Monday, June 08, 2015

Somali American Money Services association (SAMSA) has met in Minneapolis, the Kenyan ambassador of United States, Amb. Robinson Githae. The leadership of the organization has discussed with the ambassador the recent closure of Somali remittances companies in Kenya.

The chairman of SAMSA Mr. Abdulaziz Sugule has stressed the importance of the remittances for both people, Somalis and Kenyans. Also, the chairman pointed out that Kenya being an important country for Somalis in many ways, by hosting large number of Somali refugees, having large Somali/Kenyans community and by Somalis making great strides for making huge investment in the country. He gave the ambassador the overview how the Money Services Business is licensed, regulated in United States, and continuous banking crisis in United States.

Other SAMSA members, who are in attendance has also spoken about the crisis of the closure and direct consequences it will have for millions of people, who depend on these remittances.

Some members of community leaders have attended the meeting between SAMSA and Amb. Githae, also voiced their concern and frustration of shutting down the Somali Remittances firms in Kenya. They also stress that Kenya is important country for Somalis. 

Finally, the AMB. Githae has spoken, first he thanked the Somali community’s warm welcome and hospitality they extended to him and his delegation during their visit in Minneapolis, MN. The Ambassador has promised that when he goes back to Washington DC to write, and take this message to the highest level of Kenyan government. He said that we see good signs that the government is trying to rectify the situation.

Finally the ambassador encourage SAMSA to keep in touch with him and feel free to contact him at any time on the issue.


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