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Germany donates €500,000 for sustainable development in Baidoa town

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NAIROBI (HOL) –Germany has provided €500,000 to empower communities for sustainable development in the south-western Somali town of Baidoa, the second such aid the government has given to help Somalia since last month.

In a brief statement from the Germany Nairobi embassy Tuesday, the aid has been made to SOS Children’s Village in Somalia, an association that helps children and families around the world.

As the horn of Africa nation is recovering from decades of war, the prolonged downturn in public economy has increased families' need for support to street a more sustainable, equitable economic path.

SOS Children’s Village runs a kindergarten and provide primary and secondary schooling to local children as well as those from SOS families to improve their lives.

The organization also runs a major hospital in Mogadishu which provides antenatal care to women, ensuring they have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Last month, Germany has also donated €150,000 to support the victims affected by the floods in Hiiraan region that destroyed hundreds of homes and farmlands since last week.

This donation comes at a significant time as the country embraced the New Deal through the development of an inclusive Somali Compact, which sets out the critical priorities for stability and sustainable economic development in the country.

Despite some progress, Somalia is likely to face continued instability as new stresses emerge in the coming years, according to the World Bank.


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