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UPDF captures Somali territory from Al-Shabaab

Tuesday December 1, 2015

THE Somali National Forces supported by African Union Forces from Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) contingent have overpowered Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia, flashing them out of Aysoora town, located 280km south West of Mogadishu.

According to Capt. Flavia Terimulungi, the UPDF contingent spokesperson, “on 28th November 2015, our operation code-named ‘Fagia Adui’ which means ‘sweep the enemy’ in Kiswahili saw forces move 20Km further from Baraawe port towards Kisimayo port.”

Terimulungi adds in a press statement that, “the attack was conducted at dawn and by 7:00am, Al-Shabaab had been subdued and the territory objectively secured and as they fled, they left their families behind.

” Since September, Al-Shabaab has been controlling a stretch of 79Kms from Subley to Baraawe Port which has been the main supply point and source of revenue for the insurgents.

The Al-Shabaab also used Aysoora as a base to carry out attacks on Baraawe district. Earlier media reports indicated that the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Katumba Wamala also joined the contingent at the frontline in making final preparations for the operation to conquer territory through meetings with the commanders and giving morale to the troops.

The statement says that Battle Group XVII Commander, Col Bob Ogiki whose unit conducted the operation, briefed troops about the significance of the move.

“Securing Aysoora will allow free movement of the population that has been restricted up until now, it will also facilitate the provision of the much needed humanitarian assistance to the local population,” Ogiki said. He added that the capture of Aysoora denies Al-Shabaab another source of illegal income after a string of defeats and the loss of their major source of revenue in Baraawe and many other places.

“This operation should be a demonstration of AMISOM’s continuing determination to support the people of Somalia as they embark on a new path of renewal and reconstruction.” Col Ogiki briefed his troops who were deployed to Somalia earlier last month.

Headed by Ogiki, in early November, the first group of BG XVII replacing their colleagues (BG XIV) was sent to Somalia. BG XIV had completed a year’s tour of duty at the African Union Mission in Somalia. Uganda contributes 6600 troops comprising of three battle groups and a United Nation Guard Unit, towards the pacification drive of Somalia.


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