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White Terrorists Bigger Threat than Muslims: Study

Saturday, August 8, 2015

WASHINGTON – Amid growing concerns about proposed government’s countering violent extremism (CVE) program, a recent study warned that white American supremacists and right wingers are the “biggest” terror threat in the nation.

“Total number of people killed by Jihadist attacks is 26, compared to 24 killed by right wing attacks,” a study from the New America Foundation said.

Citing terror attacks in US post 9/11, the study showed that almost “twice” as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups than those who died in attacks by Muslim extremists.

Out of the 26 terror attacks since 9/11, 19 were carried out by non-Muslims.

Terror attacks like Charleston Church shooting, Las Vegas Police Ambush, Tri-State Killing spree, Sikh Temple shooting, Pittsburgh Police shootings, Knoxville, TN Church shooting, were all committed by white terrorists.

Kansas Jewish Center shooting, Blooming Grove Police Shooting, St. John's Parish Police Ambush, FEAR Militia, Holocaust Museum shooting, Carlisle, PA Murder, were among the right wing attacks over the past decade too.

The study also mentioned the Jihadist attacks since 9/11, including Washington and New Jersey Killing Spree, Oklahoma Beheading, Boston Marathon Bombing and Little Rock Shooting.

Limiting its study to attacks that were clearly “ideological” in nature, the American foundation took a narrow view while considering terror attacks.

Mass shootings like Sandy Hook or the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting weren't included. The brutal shooting of three Muslim students in North Carolina was not counted too.

The release of the study comes as Muslim groups and civil rights activists across the nation are calling for greater transparency in an Obama administration program aimed at countering homegrown terrorism.

Last month, CAIR released an updated CVE briefing paper in advance of a hearing by the House Homeland Security Committee, which was considering legislation to provide $40 million taxpayer dollars over four years to expand the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by adding an office that would deal exclusively with CVE.

There is also concern that the current CVE initiative undermines American ideals such as government not having a role in the free exercise of religion.

Earlier this year, a study published by Physicians for Social Responsibility found that the global war on terror has killed at least 4 million Muslims.

About one million Iraqis have been killed since 2003 by United States’ “War on Terror”.

“To this, the PSR study adds at least 220,000 in Afghanistan and 80,000 in Pakistan, killed as the direct or indirect consequence of US-led war: a ‘conservative’ total of 1.3 million,” the physicians said.

“The real figure could easily be ‘in excess of 2 million’.”


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