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Somali Legendry singer slain in Somali capital

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Somali parliament member and legendry singer Sado Ali warsame has been shot dead by unidentified gunmen as she was travelling on her car in the centre of the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday.

Eye witnesses said that it was a drive-by shooting carried out by gunmen who chased her car and then shot her through the car window. Another person who was in the car with the fallen lawmaker also died in the shooting.

“The perpetrators escaped the scene as soon as they carried out the killing” a woman who demanded anonymity told HOL by telephone.

The anonymous woman said that Somali government forces have cordoned off the whole area and are currently conducting search operations.

The late Sado Ali Warsame who joined Somali parliament in 2012, was one of the country’s most well known legendry singers.

She became the first Somali female lawmaker to be killed in the country in recent years.

No group has yet claimed credit for the killing, but it comes as the Alqaeda-linked AL Shabab militants have been increasing their attacks in the capital since the Ramadan began.

During the Holy month, AL Shabab killed several government officials including parliament member Mohamed Mahmoud Heyd who was shot dead outside his hotel nearly three weeks ago.

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