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Mogadishu rally denounces in security

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Hundreds of people took to the streets in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu to protest against the increasing insecurity in the city.

Co-organized by the centre for Community Dialogue and the Banadir regional administration, the demonstration was mainly intended to encourage the city’s inhabitants to join forces to help security elements eliminate Al Shabaab in the capital.

The regional women’s association chairperson Jawahir Barqab who talked to the demonstrators called on the Federal Parliament, the Somali President and the Prime Minister to quicken the ratification and the implementation of counter terrorism laws in the country.

She urged the city’s inhabitants to spy on what she described as those who are against the booming development in the capital adding that Al Shabaab would not have halted the huge need by the people for peace and progress so that they can compete with the rest of the cities around the world.

The chairman of the Supreme Court of Somalia, military Colonel Abdirahman Mahmoud Tur-yare for his part announced in front of the demonstrators that the military court will punish every single person found guilty of terrorism or any act which aids it.

“We promise you that every person who tries to terrify people will be brought before a court and will be dealt with in accordance with the law, because Al Shabaab and the trouble makers are same to us” Mr. Tur-yare noted.

Mogadishu Mayor Brigadier General Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Muun-gaab) who finally addressed the rally said that Al Shabaab are not currently controlling parts of the capital but noted there were other warmongers who  have the shape of Al Shabaab and are acting like them.

“The security forces are hunting Al Shabaab, but we want that residents tell us the terrorists and the trouble makers who are hiding in their areas—if you do that we will then easily defeat them and you will enjoy life in peace” the Mayor told demonstrators. The Mayor repeated his pleas for residents to work together to identify and report potential AlShabaab terrorists and those that assist them in their communities.

Sunday’s rally comes as scores of people were killed in different incidents in the capital since the start of the holly Muslim month of Ramadan.

The city also witnessed several car bomb explosions and attacks like that on the presidential palace earlier in the month.

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