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Alleged suspects arrested for the death of Somali Police Chief.

Hiiraan Online
Friday, October 31, 2014

Mogadishu (HOL) - At least 40 people were arrested, including a businessmen and medical doctors, for the death of Somali Police Chief Gen. Mohamed Hassan who suddenly died yesterday.

Medical experts at the Digfeer Hospital and AMISOM medical facility at Halane are investigating the sudden death of the former Somali police chief and no results have been released by both yet.

The body of the deceased Somali Police chief, General Hassan, will be flown to Nairobi for further investigations. Many interviewed who knew and worked with the late General Hassan quietly suspected he may have been poisoned. Despite these suspicions, it is impossible to prove the causes of death accurately without the outcome of the medical investigations.

A High level Ministerial Committee has been appointed by the Somali PM Abdiweli Sh. Ahmed to investigate the death of the Somali Police chief.

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