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Somalia Doesn't Need To Alter Kenya Border

Tuesday October 21, 2014

THIS case makes Migingo Island look like a storm in a tea cup.

Somalia believes its border with Kenya should follow the same diagonal direction as its border where it reaches the Indian Ocean.

This would put gas exploration licences awarded by Kenya off Lamu under Somali jurisdiction.

Historically the maritime boundaries of East African nations have followed the line of latitude for 200km straight out into the ocean, rather than continuing the line of the land border.

And this is how it should continue. There would be absurd consequences if this was changed.

If Kenya followed the same argument, so that its southern border with Tanzania continued at the same angle, Pemba Island would become part of Kenya.

Now the International Court of Justice will hear the case between Somalia and Kenya in 2015 and 2016.

This is long overdue. A lot of money is involved. There are hydrocarbon deposits all along the coast from Mozambique up to Yemen.

But Somalia does not need to fear. Its has a long coastline and will still have more gas deposits than Kenya even if it loses the case.

There is no reason for Somalia to grab half of Kenya's exclusive maritime economic zone.


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