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Al Shabab executes 13 year-old girl for spying

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Badio, Somalia (HOL) - AL Shabab militants in Somalia have on Wednesday shot and killed a 13 year-old girl in the town of Diinsoor in the south-western Somali region of Bay after accusing her of spying for Somali government and AU troops.

The teen identified as Fartuun, was executed in public as several hundred people in the town were forced to watch the death punishment.

“This girl was trained to assassinate Al Shabab officials and deliver the secret of Muslims to the infidels—she has been found guilty and the Islamic court sentenced her to death “said an Al shabab official who addressed before the group’s firing squad carried out the shooting of the teenager.

The girl’s father Abdinaser Mohamed Jim’aale denied the accusations against his daughter adding that she was too young to work for a government or serve as spy agent.

“Fartuun was only 13 years old—my daughter was scapegoat, she recently returned from the town of Xudur where she stayed with my sister who lives there” lamented the slain girl’s father who was interviewed by VOA Somali service.

He said Al Shabab snatched the young girl from their home in the town of Ufurow just a month ago and they didn’t know her whereabouts since then.

“Residents informed me that my daughter was shot dead today and she was then beheaded in public” the father Abdinaser Mohamed Jim’aale told the VOA Somali service.

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