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Somali president accepts new cabinet

Hiiraan Online
Friday, January 17, 2014

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Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali president Hassan Sheik Mahmoud said he has fully accepted the newly announced 55-member cabinet and asked the federal parliament to approve the new government which he said was consisted of experienced individuals who can rescue the country from the hard situations it was experiencing.

“I have accepted the selection of the new cabinet members displayed by Prime minister Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed, I am confident in the new cabinet and I wait from them to complete the hard tasks ahead of them including the reformation and the reconstruction of the country” president Hassan Sheik Mahmoud said in his press statement apparently in less than 30 minutes after the new cabinet was disclosed.

“I believe that there are more obstacles facing the new government which must work hard to stabilize the country, develop public services and tight grip on local security” the president noted in his press statement.

“We confirm to both Somali people and the international community that we know the huge duties ahead of us and we are committed to working hard to be able to make a real change toward development” Somali president emphasized in his press statement.

However the new cabinet will come into existence after the federal parliament has approved. The parliament is expected to take the vote of confidence for the cabinet sometime next week, as the parliaments 3rd session is due to close on the 22nd of January as the speaker announced last week.

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