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Somali Prime Minister Unveiled His 55-Member Cabinet (Full List)

Somali Prime Minister announcing his new cabinet

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Friday, January 17, 2014

After more than 15 hours of what seemed to be the ‘last and the most prolonged’ consultations at the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the prime minister of the federal government of Somalia Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed has disclosed his cabinet which is three times more than the ousted government of Abdi Farah Shirdon.

The new cabinet which is composed of 25 ministers, 25 deputy ministers and 5 state ministers has just been displayed by the Prime minister Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed during a ceremony at the presidential palace.

“Since the Somali president appointed me as the prime minister of the federal government of Somalia on 12th of December 2013, you have been waiting from me to unveil my cabinet—I took such long time as I have been making consultations in a bid to be able to present qualified cabined who are capable of doing the giant tasks ahead of us” the Somali Prime minister told the ceremony before announcing the names of his cabinet members.

Some key figures of the former government like the foreign minister and deputy Prime Minister Fawsia Yusuf Hajji, the minister for civil service development Mariam Qasim and the former defence minister Abdulhakim Mahmud Haji have not been included into the new cabinet while some others changes positions.

Former minister of interior and national security Abdulkarim Hussein Guled who is currently in Turkey for Somalia-Somaliland talks is now appointed as the minister of national security, while Abdullahi Godah Barre is the new the minister of Interior and Federalism.

Mustafa Sheik Ali Dhuhulow has been appointed as the minister of information, whilst Mayor of Somali capital Mahmoud Ahmed Nur becomes the deputy minister for youth and sports.

“Here is the complete list of my new cabined and I request the Somali parliament to endorse” the Prime minister said at the end of his cabinet announcement. The president of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheik Mahmoud and the parliament speaker didn’t attend the cabinet announcement ceremony.

Full List of Cabinet Ministers:

Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Religious Affairs
Abdullahi Godah Barre - Minister of Interior and Federalism
Hussein Abdi Halane - Minister of Finance
Mohamed Sheikh Hassan - Minister of Defence
Abdirahman Duale Beyle - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Abdikarim Hussein Guled - Minister of National Security
Ahmed Mohamed Gurase - Minister of Education
Yusuf Moalin Amin - Minister of Ports and Marine Transport
Said Abdullahi Mohamed - Minister of Planning
Farah Sh. Abdulkadir Mohamed - Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Jama Ahmed Mohamed - Minister of Energy and Water
Mustaf Ali Duhulow - Minister of Information
Said Jama Mohamed - Minister of Air & Land Transport
Lugman Ismail Ali - Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Mohamud Ibrihim Adan - Minister of Post and Telecommunications
Abdi Ahmed Hussein - Minister of Agriculture
Khalid Omar Ali - Minister of Sports and Youth
Duale Adan Mohamed - Minister of Culture and Higher Education
Adan Mohamed Nur - Minister of Industry and Commerce
Eng. Nadifo Mohamed Osman - Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction
Khadijo Mohamed Diriye - Minister of Women and Human Rights
Mohamed Olow Barrow - Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Daud Mohamed Omar - Minister of Mineral Resources
Salim Aliyow Ibrow - Minister of Environment and Livestock
General Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud - Minister of Health

State Ministers:

Mohamud Moalin Yahya - State Minister of Interior and Federalism
Abdullahi Ahmed Nur - State Minister of Finance
Hamza Mohamed Buri - State Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
Mohamed Ali Haga - State Minister of Defence

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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