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Somali parliament rejects motion against reinstatement of former ministers

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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The federal parliament of Somalia on Tuesday rejected a motion against the inclusion of former ministers into the future Somali cabinet, a controversial matter that has surrounded the country’s policy for the past several weeks.

On Tuesday, Somali lawmakers discussed whether or not to past the motion which was presented before parliament by 12 members according to the speaker Mohamed Sheik Osman.

“A total of 218 lawmakers casted their votes during the Somali parliament meeting today. 113 Parliamentarian rejected the motion. While 99 members supported it. So the motion is rejected by the majority of the parliament,” Somali speaker Mohamed Sheik Osman Jawari announced at the end of Tuesday’s Somali parliament session.

Some lawmakers who were campaigning for the motion against the reinstatement of some former ministers told the media that the rejected motion will be brought before parliament once again. However, the speaker didn’t say if a such motion will be brought to the parliament again.

Last week, the parliament gave the newly appointed Prime Minister a ten-day period to complete the formation of his cabinet.

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