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Bomb explosion kills former Lafole district commissioner

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The former commissioner of Lafole district Abdullahi Jama Siyad has died after what is thought to be a bomb hidden in his car exploded whilst travelling south of the capital Mogadishu on Thursday.

The late Siayd was travelling on his car near the former Somali military Parade Ground, known here as ’Tiribuunka’ when an explosive element assumed to be a bomb detonated on his car exploded. He immediately died while his car completely destroyed according to residents and eye witnesses.

Once the late official served as the deputy commissioner of Afgoye district, which is about 30 kilometres south of the capital before he was appointed commissioner in the two-year old district of Lafole in the Lower Shabelle region.

No group has yet claimed for the responsibility of Thursday’s bomb blast. Since the start of the New Year, Somali capital has witnessed several attacks including the Jazeera Hotel attack which engulfed the lives of nearly 13 people and wounded scores of others.

Earlier, the Islamist group of Al Shabab fighting the federal government threatened that they will carry out a number of systematic attacks targeting Somali government officials and African Union peacekeepers in the country.

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