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A Long Road Ahead For Victims Of Apt. Fire

Friday, Janaury 3, 2014 


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s likely to be a long road ahead for the victims of that deadly fire on Cedar Avenue New Year’s Day. 
Dr. Ryan Fey at Hennepin County Medical Center says they have three patients still in critical condition.

“Burn injuries are among the most painful injuries that one can suffer from. So pain management is a significant part of what we do,” Fey said.

They have seen a variety of injuries from people in the fire.“Everything from minor burns, to broken bones, to very catastrophic burns that border on survivability,” he said

He says part of the problem is that healing takes a lot of time, and there are often many complications.

“Nothing fast happens with major burn injuries, and they have a lot of ups and downs, and rarely do large burns recover without encountering some problems along the way,” he said.

Many of the residents in the apartment were from Somali.

Fey said they have interpreters working around to clock to help the patients and their families in the healing process.


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