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Somali official accuses Kenyan troops of massacring innocent civilians

Hiiraan Online
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Monday, February 10, 2014

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A Somali government official in the western region of Gedo accused the Kenyan troops in the country of refusing to pay for the compensation of six civilians they killed in 2012.

Chairman of the Fah-Fah Dhun district in the Gedo region, Aden Shuqul Nunow, said that the Kenyan forces killed the six innocent men on January 2012 and the families of those killed are still waiting for compensation.

“The men were deliberately massacred by the Kenyan troops on January 8 2012. We met with the Kenyan troops several times before and they told us they will compensate for the killing of the six men, but they changed their stance and denied they had killed the men,” Aden Shuqul Nunow said in an interview with VOA Somali service on Sunday.

The chairman accused the Kenyan troops of widespread violence and corruption since they arrived in the country early in 2012.

“We informed the Somali government about the killing and we are now telling the international community about the atrocities committed by the Kenyan forces,” the chairman said.

Neither the Somali government nor the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia was available for comment on the latest accusations against the Kenyan troops in Somalia.


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