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Swiss has appointed its first ambassador to Somalia

Hiiraan Online
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Switzerland has appointed its first ambassador to Somalia, as the war-ravaged country is currently re-establishing its diplomatic ties with the rest of the world after more than two decades of civil wars.

A press statement from the Swiss foreign ministry said that Mr. Dominik Langenbacher was appointed as the new Swiss ambassador to Somalia.

The new Switzerland’s ambassador to Somalia Mr. Dominik Langenbacher held his first post appointment meeting with Somali expatriates in his country and as well as with members from relief organizations operating in Somalia.

Mr. Dominik Langenbacher listened to the Somali community members to try to gather information about the current situation in the country, the latest developments made by the Somali government and as well as the kind of support Somalia needs currently.

“I will prioritise some particular areas including the consolidation of the federal system in the country, strengthening the role of traditional elders’ council and the fight against terrorism” the new Swiss ambassador to Somalia told the meeting.

For the past 11months, nearly 20 EU countries sent their ambassadors Somalia a move that was seen as part of the revival of the diplomatic relations between Somalia and the rest of the European Union member nations.

The European nations whose diplomatic missions were already operating in Somalia include: the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Holland and Denmark.

The United States, Turkey, China, Japan most of the Arab nations and as well as many African countries have also had their diplomatic missions operating in Somalia so far.

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