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Gunmen kill five in Southern Somalia

Hiiraan Online
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mogadishu (HOL) - Unidentified assailants have shot and killed five civilians including three clerics in the village of Muuri in the Lower Shabelle region south of the country, eye witnesses confirmed on Saturday.

According to some eyewitnesses who were reached for comment by the local media, the perpetrators escaped after they carried out the barbaric attack.

“The assailants were dressed in military uniforms—it was really very bad experience” one witness expressed.

Three of the slain civilians were clerics who came out of a mosque after performing their Isha prayers.

“On Friday evening five civilians were killed here in Muuri village, four of them died on the spot while the 5th one perished at the hospital later----This was a very shocking incident” said another witness who demanded to remain under anonymity for security reasons.

“The attackers fired at a mob indiscriminately before they escaped” the unnamed eye witness indicated.

It was unclear who was behind such brutal attack and as well as no group has yet claimed responsibility for the brutal assault against civilians.

Meanwhile, a Somali army officer in the region Colonel Aden Muse Shire who talked to the media denounced the attack and said they still don’t know who carried it out.

“What I can confirm to you is that the assailants only dressed in military uniform, but such incident has nothing to do with our forces whose duty is to protect people—We defend our people from the enemy, but we don’t kill them” the Somali army colonel told the media.

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