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Well Known Somali elder assassinated in Kismayo

Hiiraan Online
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Monday, April 21, 2014

Reports from the southern port city of Kismayo indicate that unidentified assailants have shot dead a well known clan elder in the city, the 2nd top traditional leader to be killed in Kismayo in less than a month.

Residents identify the slain elder as Sultan Amir Abdi Dhuh, the Sultan of Sheekhaal tribe in the southern Lower and Middle Jubba regions.

According to eye witnesses the Sultan was killed by unidentified gunmen in the city’s busiest neighbourhood. The perpetrators then escaped.

Hundreds of security forces have immediately rushed to the scene and cordoned off the whole area. The security forces conducted a widespread search, but no arrests have yet been made.

The brutal assassination comes two days after Somali Prime minister Abdi Weli Sheik Ahmed concluded an eight-day tour to the city in an attempt to mediate lasting peace between opposing sides, but that attempt ended in smoke.

The late Sutlan, became the second high-ranking elder to be killed in the city in less than a month. On 24th of March gunmen killed the traditional leader of Cawramale clan Ugaas Mohamed Hussein Haafow in the city centre, as the culprits have not yet been brought to justice.

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