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Social reconciliation and Community Dialogue process in Mogadishu

Date of issue:             January 3rd,   2013                  


Closing date: January 18, 2013                    


Closing time:  5.00 pm

  1. Background

In the past two years, the Transitional Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS) funded by USAID and implemented by IOM, in partnership with the Benadir Administration, has implemented trauma healing, social reconciliation and community dialogue activities in the sixteen (16) districts of Mogadishu. The first phase of the program involved the training of lead 32 trainers and 800 volunteers using a set curriculum. It was planned that these trainers and volunteers further undertake small trauma healing sessions at household levels reaching a total of about 32,000 beneficiaries across Mogadishu

IOM TIS is therefore calling proposals from interested companies and consultants  to equip these trainers and volunteers with knowledge and skills to undertake social reconciliation and community dialogue sessions at the household level. The sessions are aimed towards engaging community members in breaking the cycles of violence by embracing a healing path of allowing them to express feelings and thoughts of what really happened, the facts and the causes of the traumatic event. This is based on the principle that effective listening can be a powerful tool for reducing tensions, resolving conflicts and building bridges between people. It is expected that upon implementation, this process will promote social healing amongst community members in Mogadishu who have suffered years of violent conflict.

2.      Scope of Work


The Scope of the assignment is as follows;

2.1 Develop an inception plan that outlines the activities and timeframe for implementation of the social reconciliation and community dialogue


2.2 Conduct refresher training for 832 community based facilitators (trainers and volunteers) on the fundamentals of conducting healing and social reconciliation sessions using a set curriculum.

·         2.3 Train on the professional documentation of the sessions and submission of reports and monitoring and evaluation paper work to TIS/IOM

·         2.4 Supervise the household/community healing sessions to be conducted by the community based facilitators over the course of the project.

·         2.5 Assist with the establishment of ‘support groups’ within the 16 districts using existing social cycles e.g. with women, youth and children in schools

  • 2.6 Submit bi-weekly progress report and a final report on the conclusion of the project

3.      Expression of interest requirements

NGOs and consultants with proven experience in conducting social reconciliation and community dialogue sessions should apply.

The applicant must be able to work in 16 districts in Mogadishu, demonstrate and proof ability and capacity to carry out all the above mentioned tasks.


 All attachments mentioned below are mandatory, failure to which your application will not be considered.


3.1 A narrative proposal detailing program implementation

3.2 Detailed budget with a narrative explaining each line item

3.3 Copy of certificate of registration/renewal if applicable

3.4 List of personnel, their CVs with certificates


  1. Appraisal and Selection

All project proposals will be appraised based on the overall quality and the link between the proposed intervention vis-a-viz the goals and focus areas outlined in this call. The following will be used to assess the proposals:

4.1  Project rationale, design and implementation methodology ………….30%

4.2  capacity to implement project …………………………………………20%

4.3  Similar experience on projects of this nature ………………………….15%

4.4   Cost effectiveness of the proposed budget…………………………….20%

4.5  Identification of Strategic partnerships necessary for project success…15%

  1. Instructions to the Applicant

Applications from interested parties must be received on or before 5:00 p.m. Nairobi, Kenya time on January 18, 2013 to the following address:


Procurement/logistics unit, Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS)

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Somalia

Nairobi Support Office

Gitanga Groove-Off Gitanga Road

PO Box 1810-00606, Nairobi, Kenya

Email : [email protected]


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