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Somalia calls for regional collaboration to deal with terrorism

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Somali government on Monday urged regional cooperation to counter growing threat from terrorist groups following on going deadly attack on shopping mall in the Kenya capital, Nairobi.

Speaker of Somali Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari, who is also acting president, said the Westgate Shopping Mall attack highlights the importance of collaboration of governments in the region to bring about "sustainable peace."

"We need to work together and find a common approach to deal with the scourge of violence," Jawari said in a statement.

Somali top leadership has condemned the ongoing attack on Nairobi's upscale shopping mall claimed by the militant Al-Shabaab group in Somalia.

The Kenyan Interior Ministry said 62 people have been confirmed dead and 175 others have been injured since the Al-Qaida linked militants stormed the shopping mall on Saturday.

Kenya has been experiencing insecurity since October 2011 when it sent its troops across the border into southern Somalia to fight militant rebel fighters of Al-Shabaab.

Kenyan troops backing Somali forces ousted the militant group from their main stronghold of the strategic Kismayo port city in southern Somalia and other key areas.

Kenya accused the Somali Al-Qaida affiliate of causing insecurity after carrying out kidnappings of foreign tourists inside Kenya. The common border between the two East Africa countries remains largely unprotected and porous.

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