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UN hails Somali’s Human Rights Roadmap

Friday, September 06, 2013

Somali adopts a human rights roadmap and the United Nations says it’s a positive step to ensure human rights in the African nation. Experts say the roadmap will be a success because the government shows that it is determined to improve the country’s human rights.

For years, human rights in Somalia remained extremely poor and serious violations were rampant due to political instability. But now the government says those are a thing of the past.

But experts say the implementation of the Roadmap will prove to be difficult.

In addition to the new move, the Cabinet also agreed to create a Ministry of Human Rights, and declared 27 August as Somalia’s National Human Rights Day.

Somalia ranks top among the countries in the world where human rights violation go unpunished. However the federal government says it’s looking forward to joining the UN Human Rights Commission. This, it hopes to achieve by reforming the country’s national security and its judicial sector.


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