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8 suspects still held over Westgate terror - Kimaiyo
Kimaiyo said some of the suspects were interrogated and released but they have compelling reasons to continue detaining the remaining eight/CFMKimaiyo said some of the suspects were interrogated and released but they have compelling reasons to continue detaining the remaining eight/CFM

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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The Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has said they are still holding eight suspects who are being investigated over the Westgate terror attack.

Kimaiyo said some of the suspects were interrogated and released but they have compelling reasons to continue detaining the remaining eight.

“We had very many of them but the numbers keep on reducing according to the information we receive,” he pointed out.

“Westgate has been declared a crime scene as we are still continuing with our investigations down there.”

No suspect has been charged in court over the attack that occurred on September 21, killing at least 61 civilians, six security agents and at least four terrorists.

The Inspector General went on to commended all those who were involved in the rescue operation.

“Let me thank those officers and specifically the Kenyan civilians and reservists who put their lives on the line, armed with light weapons for their personal protection and who did much in hand with the police to save and evacuate thousands of Kenyans out of harm’s way,” he said.

He revealed that the Police Service is going to adopt new strategies that will help the service combat crime in light of the reality of new threats.

“We are concluding a process to determine a policy position for community policing with a view to making a determination on whether arming more civilians or police reservists would be a valuable strategy,” he said.

“In light with this strategy and in light of the reality of new threats inside of the global phenomenon that is the war on terror, we are still studying the concept used by Northern Ireland in its fight against fundamentalism which states that it’s better for the guys with guns to be outnumbered by the good guys with guns.”

CCTV footage released lately shows four attackers shooting people indiscriminately in the mall before they retreated to the first floor to pray.

“A cursory glance at the Westgate siege confirms that armed terrorists with high calibre weapons inflict unprecedented damage if majority shoppers are armed only with a cell phone and car keys.”

Kimaiyo also asked members of the public to give information that may help arrest individuals involved in kidnapping.

He says cases of kidnappings are on the rise but noted that the police were tracking down on those involved.

“Our National Police Service has profiled those who may have in one way or another involved in the cartel of kidnapping of innocent members of the society,” he stated.

Kimaiyo also said that he had issued an order to the police requiring them to ruthlessly deal with dangerous and armed bandits.

“We are duly aware that there are gangs roving in police uniforms, stopping vehicles and kidnapping. We are on their trail and will take drastic and decisive action,” he affirmed.

“A good example is the successful rescue of the two twins who have been kidnapped for 11 days and the subsequent arrest of the kidnappers.”

He asked the public to adopt the Nyumba Kumi programme saying it will help curb insecurity cases in the country.

“It is a good concept which we are still working on with a view of enhancing its operational capacity, before its implementation,” he said.

Under the Nyumba Kumi programme, Kenyans will restructure into 10 households under a clear leadership that will be responsible for security.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has since urged the country to fully support the programme.

“Let us do all we can to protect our country, our people and our prosperity. In doing so, let us realise the holistic scope of our security threats and work on each accordingly,” he said during Mashujaa Day celebrations at the Nyayo Stadium.


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