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Charges: Minneapolis man, 63, admits killing 86-year-old over ostracism

Bashir Yusuf Jama, 63

Thursday, October 17, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) - A 63-year-old Minneapolis man is facing second-degree murder charges in the beating death of an 86-year-old man after admitting he felt ostracized by a community he felt the victim was leading.

Charging documents filed in Hennepin County name Bashir Yusuf Jama as the suspect in a homicide investigation that began at an apartment located at 1225 8th Street South on Oct. 8.

Minneapolis police were called to the scene after the daughter of the victim called to say she returned home to find her father had been killed. Responding officers met paramedics from HCMC who were speaking with a group of family and friends that had gathered outside the building.

Inside, officers found bloody footprints leading from the apartment where the slaying took place to the elevator. Inside the unit, police found the body of Jama Adan Mohamed covered with a blanket.

Investigators say Mohamed suffered several sharp force injuries to his head and upper torso, and the medical examiner determined he died of multiple cranial cerebral injuries.

After speaking with the building manager, officers learned that the multi-level structure has eight units on each floor and that a Key FOB is required to gain access. Records of the keys used were turned over to police, along with video camera footage from the doors and elevator.

In reviewing the tapes, police saw Mohamed enter the building shortly after noon and walking to his apartment. Shortly after 12:30, Jama is seen entering the building with his own Key FOB from the rear entrance.

According to investigators, Jama was visibly overdressed for the 78-degree weather and was wearing a heavy coat, stocking hat, colored pants, tennis shoes and a button-up shirt. Police also note that Jama did not live in the building, but rather had an apartment in an adjacent building.

Police say Jama walked through the building and exited the front security door to look around before re-entering, taking the elevator to the victim's floor, and exiting toward the unit where the killing occurred.

Surveillance video shows him leaving via the stairs at 12:51 p.m. with both of his hands tucked inside his jacket sleeves.

The victim's family members told police they know Jama, but believed he and Mohamed were only acquaintances. Officers who interviewed a friend of Jama's said after the killing, Jama had gone missing and had been acting strangely.

On Oct. 13, police executed a search warrant at Jama's home and recovered many of the items of clothing he was seen wearing in the video, including pants and a shirt that appeared to have blood on them. At that time, police also arrested Jama.

In a post-Miranda interview at the Hennepin County Jail, Jama initially denied being at Mohamed's building on the day of his death; however, after being confronted with the evidence, Jama admitted to the slaying. Charging documents say Jama also explained that he felt a group of people in the community had been ostracizing him, and that he felt Mohamed was the leader. He told police he went to the apartment to confront Mohamed before striking the victim over the head with a piece of metal construction material and taking the victim's cell phone.

Jama then agreed to show officers where he discarded the murder weapon and the cell phone; however, police only found the broken cell phone in that area.

Jama is facing a single count of second-degree intentional murder, which carries a maximum penalty of 40 years. His bail is set at $500,000, and he is set to make his first court appearance on Nov. 19 at 10 a.m.


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