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Wajir County, Kenya: Governor, ward Representatives row on fund allocation

By Standard Reporter
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Wajir, Kenya: Wajir County Assembly members and the Governor Ahmed Abdullahi Mohammad are at loggerheads over cash allocation.

Led by Speaker Bishar Omar, Minority Leader Osman Kuresh and Township ward Representative Abdi Osman, the members claimed the governor assumed their responsibilities, including controlling their own County Assembly budget, contrary to the law.

“He (the governor) does not respect the law which empowered us to operate independently from his office,” said Speaker Omar.

The members said they are financially constrained and could not put up advertisements for staff adding that they have inadequate office materials.  “We are even told to photocopy the Order Paper and the governor’s speech which contains crucial information like his vision for the county,” claimed Kuresh.

However, Mohammad dismissed the ward representatives saying they were making speculations and dwelling on political issues instead of coming up with ideas to fast-track the county’s development agenda.

He alleged the county ward representatives cannot be entrusted with money when there is no proper administration structure within the Assembly.

The governor however said the county is short of staff, with only seven out of 30 nominees expected to be seconded by the Transitional Authority for a smooth transitional process.

On county appointments, the governor said the members should understand that the law states they have the last word in vetting and approving all those awarded jobs.

“I’m shocked that they are complaining against my appointees, yet they will come before them for vetting,” Mohammad said.

Source: Standard Digital


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