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AU soldiers destroy key Shabaab base

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

African Union peace-keeping forces in Somalia have destroyed an Al-Shabaab base in Kismayu amid reports that the jihadist group is fast disintegrating due to internal wrangles.

A statement from the Department of Defence said the peace-keeping forces killed several Al-Shabaab militants during the Monday raid at an installation they had erected near Kismayu International Airport.
This was the second attempt by the militants to monitor the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) troops at the airport. The militia’s first observation post was dismantled by the peacekeepers in October last year.

Internal wrangles

During the raid, the allied forces recovered three rocket-propelled grenades, assorted weapons and ammunition from the site, the statement said.

The attack came amid reports that the terror group was disintegrating.

A website Sabahionline.com carried a scathing letter addressed to the militant’s leader Ahmed Abdi Godane from one of the group’s top foreign fighters exposing deepening mistrust between the various factions of the group.

In the letter, the author, al-Zubayir al-Muhajir accused the terror group of detaining and torturing some of its fighters on false accusations.

“You arrest some of the Muhajireen (foreign fighters) without any charges and you do not tell their families or brothers about their whereabouts or conditions,” he stated in the 12-page letter.


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